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Safety Training Program

All One Crane Source technicians and fabrication personnel are required to attend monthly safety programs, including training and testing on all of the MIOSHA/OSHA requirements for safety. Our safety program includes numerous different training sessions, just a few of which are listed below.

» Personal Protection Equipment

» Aerial Lifts

» Fall Protection

» Lockout/Tag out

» Hot Work

» Electrical Work Practices

What our clients say

Star Crane is always available to help us out with any crane issues that may arise. Knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with, Star Crane has been an asset to keeping our facility running.

from Greg

Crane Operator Training Permits

One Crane Source offers two different types of Crane Operators Training to best fit your needs. Crane Operators are required to be trained and certified every three years. At One Crane Source, we provide the necessary training to meet OSHA, CMAA and ANSI/ASME B30 classroom requirements.

We can provide a training class for up to 25 crane operators at your facility (local areas only). Our training class completes the “classroom” portion of the OSHA requirements. This training class includes:

» Easy to understand PowerPoint™ presentation which covers:

• Definitions

• Crane Identification

• Limitations & Qualifications

• Daily Inspection Procedures

• Lifting Procedures

• Maximum Capacity

• Emergency Shutdown Procedures

• Operating Procedures

• Do’s and Do Not’s of Crane Operation

» Visual aids during presentation

» Operator Daily Inspection List

» Handout of covered classroom material

» Short video presentation of Chain/Sling Inspections

» Test for participants

We also offer a comprehensive package for customers who wish to conduct their own training, or handle any renewals or new hires. This package includes:

» Presentation Outline (hard copy and on flash drive)

» Trainer Instruction Manual

» 25 Operator Permit Tests

» 25 Operator Permit Cards

» Classroom PowerPoint™ Presentation

» 25 Hard Hat Stickers

Please contact your nearest One Crane Source location for more details and prices.

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