Contrx Cranes

For nearly fifty years, Contrx Cranes has been a leading manufacturer of standard and custom-design lifting equipment for the material handling industry, including:

  • Jib Cranes
  • Portable Gantry Jibs
  • Portable Jibs
  • Jib Lifts, Pallet Lifters
  • Work Station Jibs
  • Wall Mounted Jibs
  • Overhead Bridge Cranes
  • Pillar Mounted Jibs
  • Free Standing Bridge Cranes

Contrx Cranes can manufacture all crane solutions and products from 1 Ton single girder cranes to 100 Ton double box girder cranes. We strive to offer a great value crane and provide them with lead times that are the best in the industry. Give us an opportunity and we will surpass your expectations.

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From Gorbel: "For over three decades, we’ve had a mutually beneficial relationship with Star Crane and Hoist & Star Crane. I’ve seen their dedication in action while they support all of the Gorbel product lines, especially work station cranes & jibs cranes. Star Crane and Hoist is a problem solver and can customize any overhead system so that it best meets your needs; even specialty applications. Star Crane and Hoist proactively markets Gorbel; they’ve helped to increase their end user customer base with a reputation of quality products & service. Star Crane and Hoist & Star Crane are model material–handling companies filled with great people. It’s a privilege to do business with them." Brian Reh, President and CEO from Gorbel, Inc.
Brian Reh
CEO, Gorbel