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Gorbel Jib Cranes

Here at One Crane Source we offer a complete lineup of Gorbel products. Our factory—trained sales force will help you choose a system that best fits your application and budgetary requirements. The One Crane Source installation crew has extensive knowledge and experience installing and assembling Gorbel’s full line of quality products. Whether we install it, or you need customer service with installing it, we have the trained crew that can help you.

Workstation JIB Cranes

Work Station Jib Cranes are the ideal substitute for heavy I—Beam Jib Cranes. These jibs are designed to service circular areas and support tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters and hoists. When column or wall mounted, they can handle up to 200 degree rotation. Capacities available from 100 lbs to 1000 lbs. Spans to 16 ft.

» Tapered roller pivot bearings and trunnion rollers for ease of rotation

» Enclosed track boom that virtually eliminates dirt and dust

» High-strength, lightweight, low—headroom boom assemblies

» Alternative Options:

» Portable Bases

» Tool Solution Jib Cranes (50 lbs. & 150 lbs.)

» Aluminum JibCranes

» Articulating Jib Cranes (150 lbs. to 2000 lbs.)

Performance I - Beam JIB cranes

Gorbel’s I–beam Jibs are superior to utility jibs. The easy rotation and superior standard deflection allow workers to position loads safely and easily. Available in motorized or manual rotation.

Learn more about the Gorbel Jib Cranes by clicking here: 
Gorbel Jib Cranes.

» Free—Standing Jib Cranes

» Capacities from 1⁄4 Ton to 5 ton with heights and spans up to 20ft.

» Floor—mounted or insert style

» Versatile cranes well—suited for use beneath traveling cranes, in open areas where they serve several work areas, in outdoor applications, and in machining and assembly operations.


» Wall Bracket Jib Cranes

» Capacities from 1⁄4 Ton to 5 Ton with spans up to 30ft.

» Economically provides hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system.

» Requires structurally adequate wall or column to support the jib

» Requires sufficient clearance above the boom throughout its arc to accommodate the tie rod suspension


» Wall Cantilever Jib Cranes

» Capacities from 1⁄4 ton to 5 tons, with spans up to 20 ft.

» Used instead of a wall bracket jib crane when headroom is at a premium

» Economically provides hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system

» Requires structurally adequate wall or column to support the jib


» Mast–Type Jib Cranes

» Capacities from 1⁄4 Ton to 5 tons, with heights and spans up to 20ft.

» Typically do not require special foundations

» Floor supported, top—stabilized cranes capable of 360 degree rotation via a top and bottom bearing assembly

» Provides for dramatically reduced forces to supporting structures

Tool Solution Jib Crane

Tool solution jib cranes were designed to be a durable, lightweight option for applications with suspended tooling or light duty lifting. The small footprint of these cranes makes installation possible in small areas, such as between machines.

»    Capacities of 50 lbs. and 150 lbs. 
»    Coverage:  circular 50 lb.  Standard spans from 4' to 10' 
»    150 lb. Standard spans from 4' to 12' 
»    Standard heights from 8' to 10' 
»    50 lb, 180 degree rotation; 150 lb, 200 degree rotation 
»    Designed to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective for applications with suspended tools

From Gorbel: 

"For over three decades, we’ve had a mutually beneficial relationship with One Crane Source & Star Crane. I’ve seen their dedication in action while they support all of the Gorbel product lines, especially work station cranes & jibs cranes. One Crane Source is a problem solver and can customize any overhead system so that it best meets your needs; even specialty applications. One Crane Source proactively markets Gorbel; they’ve helped to increase their end user customer base with a reputation of quality products & service. One Crane Source & Star Crane are model material–handling companies filled with great people. It’s a privilege to do business with them."

Brian Reh, President and CEO
from Gorbel, Inc.

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