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Detroit Hoist

Durability Through Innovation

» Commitment to superior durability and low maintenance design
» 3-140 Ton Wire rope hoists & end trucks
» CMAA Class D Heavy Duty
» Full Variable Frequency Drive control

» Open Loop Sensor-less Vector

» Closed Loop Flux Vector

» UL Listed control panels
» Redundant braking
» Double reeved, true vertical lift
» Modular design with interchangeable parts
» Hazardous location and pneumatic options
» Superior materials
» Low cost, and readily available replacement parts.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controls

» No contactor controls since 2003
» VFD programming developed by Detroit Hoist specifically for use on their product.
» Greatly reduced inrush current
» Soft start/stop with adjustable accel/decel times
» Full dynamic braking
» Over weight, over current and thermal overload protection, brake condition monitoring
» Adjustable speed configurations and speed range.
» Open Loop sensor less vector

» Low maintenance mechanical load brake (3-40 Ton) requires no adjustment
Provides 100% of torque required to stop load

» VFD will indicate if brake is slipping and maintenance is required.

» Closed Loop Flux Vector

» Speed control through encoder feedback from motor
» 100% Dynamic braking, motor brake acts only as holding brake
» Load Float, motor brake only engages after the motor speed is at 0 Hz.
» Start of run motor check, end of run motor brake check.

True Vertical Lift
True Vertical Lift

» Horizontal loadblock position remains consistent over the entire lift
» Load is distributed equally to all components
» Double reeved, less rope twist than single reeving
» RRL & LRL ropes reduce block twist and keep ropes seated in grooves eliminating the need for rope guides.

Replacement Parts

» All replacement parts are kept in stock at the manufacturing facility
» Purchased components are vendors standards
» All motors are IEC and NEMA standard sizes
» Spare parts list typically consists of a spare wire rope and hook latch

Hazardous Location

» Applications- Compressor stations, oil/gas transportation, oil rigs, grain silos, » WWTP, mining, liquid natural gas.
» Division1 & 2, Groups B, C, D, F & G, IEEE 841
» Motors and brake labeled for proper Class, Division and Group.
» Standard Open Loop Vector w/load brake.
» Spark resistant features – bronze wheels, bronze sheave, bronze coated load block, hook and rail sweeps
» Aluminum NEMA 4, 7, 9 control enclosure, seal tight conduit.

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