"Infinity" - June 2020 Monthly Word


Infinity is a simple idea: "endless". Most things we know have an end, but infinity does not.

In our world, we don't have anything like it. Some days, while reflecting on COVID 19, we feel like our situation is in a state of Infinity! When I look at how it has affected each of us from a personal level, to work level, to around the world, everyone is different and has had a different, yet similar, situation not knowing when or if we will see the end. With this COVID 19, it is NOT Infinite. It will end or get under control, we just all need to do our part and we will get through it.

God, on the other hand, is timeless, having no beginning and no end, He is our hope in troubled times! There is nothing God can’t do (except what goes against His nature) and there is nothing He doesn’t know. He has the ability and power to do whatever is His desire.

He can heal the sick, gives sight to the blind, and blesses all who follow Him. He has raised people from the dead and promises eternal life to the faithful. He can move mountains and calm the seas. He can touch your heart and wants your love.

These are just a few of God’s infinite attributes as He Himself is timeless and limitless in every way. My hope is that as you also will be able to take comfort in the infinity of God and understanding the seasonal, once in a lifetime, once in a century, finite crises that impacts our human lives will end.

Believing in this Infinity gives us all Infinitely more hope!

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