Day 3 - "Stay Home, Stay Safe"

Good Day!

Thursday makes day 3 of the "Stay home, stay safe".

Here is the communication for today.

1. As communicated yesterday, more hype with the Senate passing the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill and is now int he hands of the House for an expected Friday vote and on to the President.

2. Social media and news interpretations can sometimes be contradictory and confusing.

A. We are working with our insurance company, West Michigan Works and other government groups to help us understand the interpretation of this bill more in depth and how it will affect our associates and the company. We will continue to share this information as it becomes available.

3. See the flyer the World Health Organization gives on some examples of how to deal with stress. Hoping it may be useful for you.

"The Greatest act of faith some days is to simply get up and face another day." - Amy Gatliff


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