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Day 22 - CARES Act Stimulus Check

Good afternoon,

This is Day 22 of the “Stay home, stay safe” mandate. For Wednesday, here is today’s daily communication…

  1. If you have not received your 'CARES act stimulus check' you can track its progress here: This link details who is eligible for the funds:

  2. Company status update: All of our branches are operating on a skeleton crew. Some of our branches are more busy than others. The fabrication crew has begun to do limited 'essential business' work and the Allendale estimating crew is making a dent in the older repair quotes. As a company, we have kept our fingers on the pulse of each states 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' act. We are anticipating the time when we can come back together as a complete company and run the business as usual. We miss each of you. Please continue to stay safe and healthy.

Quote of the day: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." Seneca (Roman Philosopher)

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